A Whole New World

I'm sitting here updating the website for Easter and I am wondering what our life will be like after the Coronavirus Pandemic.  I am extremely grateful I had this website built for me by an amazing woman and friend, Debbie Quintana.  I probably shouldn't mention that because she will go and see the pictures I put up and how it destroyed the beautiful site she created me, but given the nature of what this virus is doing and trying to stay afloat, I felt I needed to get as much information on the website as possible.  And, it was the right move.  

That said, With all the love for small businesses right now, I hope the new world will pivot back to brick and mortar stores.  I like a good social media moment too, don't get me wrong, but I remember Saturdays, as a girl, going to the mall with my mom and having lunch.  Many of you may remember the Flaming Pit at the Eastfield Mall.  That was our place.  We'd have lunch, talk about the week, and just have us time.  It was amazing because that was my time with her.  My dad, well he would bribe me to come and do inventory for him at work.  LOL  But those days with Mom will always be some of my fondest memories with her.  I would love to see another generation have this time together.

We are all so glued to our devices that we forget to connect.  This pandemic is forcing us to spend time with the people who love us most.  It should be a good thing.  But it will only be a good thing if we take time to unplug, have lunch and dinner together, have a movie night, have game night...  Just get to know each other again.  Once we adjust to spending time together, lets make it a part of our usual weeks.  Get to know your kids.  Spend that time with them.  Introduce them to the malls and the shops.  Go to your favorite chocolate shop and buy a special treat.  Not only with it strengthen your bond with your family, it will also strengthen the small businesses who support our communities.  It's really a win win.  

So here's to good health, and lots of love.  We will get through this together, one day at a time.  Please look out for each other and be kind.  

I'd like to thank everyone who has reached out to us and supported us.  The Maureen's community is simply amazing and really is a part of our family!

Thinking of you all!