Don't Shop Big Box Dot Coms this Mother's Day.

By now, we are all aware of the plight of the small business.  Bottom line, the struggle is real.  Most Mom and Pop businesses have been cut off from aid.  The money has not gone where it should have and there isn't enough money to go around.  To date, the bulk of the businesses are still in limbo with little to no communication from the SBA.  So we, your neighbors, the local business owners, need your help.  

Why is it important to help your local businesses?  Well, there are several reasons.  We are your neighbors, friends, and family and community and we need your help and your support.  We pay taxes on our businesses to the local communities we work in.  We are always there to support you.  The big box online shops won't be.  We give away gift baskets and gift cards all through the year to the school clubs, athletic teams, fundraisers, nonprofits...Each time a small business goes away, the burden gets heavier on each business left.  We set a budget and it's eaten up, sometimes in January and then we reach into our pockets to fund more, for our neighbors, our customers, our community.  This year, there isn't anything left to give.  Yet, we made commitments to different fundraisers and as long as we are in business, we will fulfill our commitments, somehow.  What will you do when we cease to exist?  Where will you run when you need a quick gift, a quick snack or a new outfit for that big night out?  We need you now.    

So, what can you do to help?  I know the easy answer to that is to buy gift cards.  This isn't the best laid plan.  Yes, businesses will get a quick influx of cash, but in the log run, it's just postponing the pain.  When the business is hit with all those gift cards at the same time, it will destroy the businesses and put them right back into the situation we are all in right now.  If you choose to buy the gift certificates, stagger the use of them.  Don't hit them all at once when they reopen.

The real answer to help your neighbors is to keep your money local.   Many businesses are open through their websites.  Chocolate Shops, Florists, Restaurants, Bakeries and Gift Shops are here to help you.  Many businesses are shipping, delivering and allowing curbside pickup.  Many businesses are offering online specials, family dinner specials...  Please, know we need you right now, so we can be there to support you tomorrow.  

Thank you for reading this.  This post has been one of the most difficult to write.  We love our customers and miss you all.  It's been so hard knowing how many seniors who regularly stop in are not able to get out and about.  That's why we are offering curbside pick up, delivery and shipping only at this point  We are caring for Our senior parents are so important to us.  We know you have met them at the shoppe as they help us out frequently.  So for us, putting them first is what we need to do.  We hope you understand.   We are still working at the Shoppe if you need anything and please know we are thinking of you all and hope you all are staying safe.  

You have our thoughts and prayers.  We are ok right now, but would love your support over the summer.  It is going to be a long one for us.