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Apr 26th 2019

Why won't my chocolate melt?

Have you ever had that moment when you are melting your chocolate and it suddenly hardens up?  What do you do?  Likely, you try to add some liquid and hope for the best.  But, you discover your chocolate has become solid as a rock and…

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Mar 19th 2019

Why isn't your candy setting?

This is a question we get several times a week.  Many people like to make toffee or fudge at home and can't get it to set properly.  90% of the time it's because their thermometer is not properly functioning.  To test your thermometer,…

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Mar 15th 2019

The Lion's Share Fund

Sometimes the big boys get it right.  We at Maureen's Sweet Shoppe love giving to causes we care about.  Animal causes would be our number one soft spot.  Well, today, I read an industry article about The Lion's Share Fund.  It's…

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